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Moisture Matters

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Why Moisture Meters are Important for Home Inspections


Inspection requirements and norms vary with geography, but inspecting a home for moisture benefits home owners and prospective home buyers even where it’s not strictly required.  Here are a few of the key reasons that a home inspector should offer moisture inspection services to home owners or buyers even where such inspection is not mandatory.

Hidden Moisture Can Lead to Health ProblemsHeadache

Where moisture accumulates inside walls, under flooring and in other hidden areas, mold can thrive.  Mold is a common allergen that may cause respiratory problems, headaches and other symptoms. In addition, the presence of mold in a home has been shown to correlate with the development of asthma.  Asthma varies in severity, but can be life-threatening in serious cases or when not properly treated.  Additionally, some building materials emit chemicals as they deteriorate, so moisture breaking down those materials inside the walls or ceiling may mean exposure to potentially toxic emissions. Home inspection moisture meter readings make residents aware of the risk of mold, hidden mold accumulation or material breakdowns behind the scenes.

wood rotMoisture Can Threaten the Integrity of the Building

Mold is just one of the risks associated with hidden pockets of moisture in a home.  Other fungi may accumulate, and insect populations may infest damp areas within the structure.  But these common problems are only the beginning.  Moisture can also lead to rust in sheet metal, screws and other metallic components, shorten the life of building materials and rot wood. Detecting moisture problems early can save a home owner expensive repairs and replacements down the road.

Early Moisture Detection Can Head Off More Serious Problems

When the home inspection moisture meter reading shows something unusual, that may seem like bad news.  However, the sooner a home owner knows about a moisture problem, the more likely it is that she will be able to save time, effort and expense in remediating the problem.  Finding out that a pipe is leaking behind the wall or moisture is collecting around an improperly sealed window allows a home owner to fix the problem at the source before damage spreads. 

Even if significant moisture has already collected, it’s entirely possible that the problem can be resolved with drying equipment and monitoring rather than most intrusive tear-down and replacement.  And, of course, if the inspection is for a prospective home buyer, the buyer will be in a better position to make a good decision if he understands what kind of repair work may be necessary in advance.

Whatever the local norms or legal requirements, no home owner wants to be surprised by mold, rust, material breakdowns or any of the other risks associated with undetected moisture. A quality home inspection moisture meter makes it relatively quick and easy to protect home owners and buyers from such unpleasant and often unhealthy surprises.


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